Manual Calibration with On-Demand Regulators

The phx42 must be ignited for at least 15 minutes prior to calibration, drift, as well as any monitoring that is going to be performed.

The phx42 should not be calibrated with On-Demand regulators as they do not consistently simulate the monitoring process. The vacuum required to open and hold open the valve can and does affect calibration accuracy.

If you must use On-Demands, apply the gas 20 seconds before starting the calibration. Even if you can calibrate, you will experience drift issues.

  1. Confirm or install a clean probe tip filter.

  2. Run the self-check on the phxApp before starting calibrations.

  3. Tap Menu.

  4. Tap Calibrate.

  5. Tap Calibrate All.

  6. Type the actual PPM for the cylinder onto the PPM field.

  7. Apply gas (begin with 0 PPM) and tap Generate.

  8. Let the calibration run. The phx42 will sample the gas and then display the “Calibration Complete” message.

  9. Repeat Steps 7-9 until all the calibration spans have been added, then tap Done.

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