Sample Pump Replacement (WI-phx42-106)

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Items Needed

Part Name LDAR Part #
Sample Pump Assembly 42490
Pump Clamp (included with Pump Assembly) 6065
Tool Quantity
Angled Side Cutters 1

Reference Procedures

WI-phx42-111 Removing/Replacing the Enclosure Lid


Reminder: Before you replace a pump, confirm there is no contamination in the probe/sample delivery system. The contamination which ruined the last pump, could ruin the new pump if not removed. Contamination will always require an RMA.

  1. Report an issue. Failure to do so voids the warranty.

  2. Wait to be instructed by LDARtools Technical Support to change the pump.

  3. Remove the phx42 enclosure lid.

  4. Put the phx42 into “Sleep Mode.”

  5. Cut the center of the Teflon tubing to remove the pump (2 on the Sample Pump).

  6. Gently follow the wire to the connector.

  7. Unplug the connector, pulling from both sides of the connector (not the wire).

  8. Remove the pump from the mounting clip.

  9. Remove the remaining Teflon tubing from the push-to-connect fitting.

  10. Insert the new pump’s Teflon tubing through the pump clamp opening to the tubing’s midway point.

  11. Press and hold on the pump clamp for 3-5 seconds, then release and remove the tubing.

  12. Plug in the electrical connection.

  13. Insert the new pump into the push-to-connect fitting.

  14. Replace the lid.

  15. Run a self-check.

  16. Close the Reported Issue by entering new pump serial number in the LDAR Customer Portal. This will activate the warranty on the pump. Failure to do this will void the warranty.

Are the sample and combustion pumps interchangeable?

They are not, as they have different tubing. Attempting to remove and exchange tubing will damage the pump.

To tell them apart, remember the sample pump has two pieces of Teflon tubing attached, whereas the combustion only has one.
What is the warranty on the pump and battery?

Please check our warranty documentation for more information.
Will we have to service the diaphragms on the pumps?

No. The pumps are designed to be plug and play. You cannot service the diaphragms.

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