Receiving phx42s from LDARtools

Before shipping the phx42, the H2 and battery are drained, however it is not optimal to store the phx42 in this state.

If you are not going to place this unit into service immediately, we recommend following the steps below to improve the life of your battery and regulator(s):

  1. Charge the unit for 12 hours.

  2. Remove the scrubber sticker.

  3. Follow the standard “Filling the phx42 with H2” procedure, then, when the needle on the gauge stops moving, wait 3 minutes with the valve open.

  4. Report any issues immediately, if any, by adding a comment.

  5. Run for 15 minutes.

  6. Calibrate the phx42.

  7. Report an issue if the unit is having any difficulties calibrating.

  8. Allow PPM reading to return to ambient.

  9. Put the phx42 into sleep mode.

  10. Power down.

  11. Replace the scrubber sticker.

  12. Repeat every 30 days and before shipping to an end user for the first time.

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