Setting Up a TUx Program

Prune your TUx ChangeWhy Picklist Go to the Settings / Picklist / Category / Profile and ensure the reasons a Component could be placed on TUx status are present in the ProfileChangeWhy list.


Then, ensure the reasons are shown in the TUinService Change Why and TUPurged Change Why picklists.

Turn on the TUx Porches you want to use Go to Porches / Audit Settings and turn on the porches you want.


Deadline group: TUx Available in 5 Days


Data Quality Group: TUPurged with PPM > 0

Set up Email alerts Go to Resources / People and confirm the people you want to receive email alerts on TUx items are listed with their email address.


Go to Porches / Audit Settings and select those individuals on the line for each of the porches you have set up.

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