Project Management

  1. Open the SmartFlag grid.

  2. Understand 1-Pass process vs 2- or 3-Pass process.

Method Description
1-Pass One tech makes one pass through the facility and hangs a Flag, then immediately hangs the tags and documents the components. She then hangs the next Flag, tags, and documents. At the end of the work day, she checks in the data.
2-Pass One tech (the Flagger) hangs the Flags for the area for a workday (first pass) and then checks in the data. The Flags appear in the SMARTFlag tab in Chateau.

A Manager then assigns the Flags to a different tech who goes out into the field, identifies each Flag, hangs tags, and then documents (second pass).
3-Pass One tech (the Flagger) hangs Flags (first pass), then checks in the data, and then the Flags appear in the SMARTFlag tab.

A manager assigns the Flags to another tech (the Tagger) who goes out and hangs tags, and then checks in the data (second pass). This work is displayed in the SMARTFlag tab where the manager can assign these flags to another tech (the Documentor) who then goes out and documents the components (third pass).

At the end, all Flags, with the records of tagging and documenting, will be in the SMARTFlag tab.


  1. When a new component is checked in from Chateau Mobile.


If the tech is… Will appear in… Action
Suggester New Components Porch An Approver has to approve it
Approver New Components Historical Porch and the Component grid No action


  1. When a component is associated with an existing tag, it will appear in the MOC Porch. This is due to the fact it is not a new component, but an edited version of the pre-existing tag number.

  2. ActiveWhy default reason will be:


If the Tag… Default ActiveWhy reason will be:
Is added to a new Unit “New Unit”
Matched to a previous tag “Retagged”


  1. Understanding the grid:

    a. “Pending” means the Tag has not been documented.

    b. Assign Flag(s) to a tech. You can assign multiple flags to the same tech. You can also assign a Flag to more than one tech by assigning, syncing to that tech, then re-assigning and having the second tech sync.

    c. “# Flagged” means the total number of valves entered as part of the Flag properties.

  2. Understand Porches

    a. Owners Porch

    b. MOC Porch

    c. New Component Porch

    d. Reconciliation Porch- see Training Document for this feature.

  3. You must unassign (or delete) flags that have been completed or they will be sent back out to be redone. They will show “0 Pending,” so the tech will be confused.

  4. Create a QC Tour in the MOC Porch or the Component grid.

  5. Once you have saved a doc grid, the only way to get it back is to cycle it back through the Chateau SmartFlag grid by checking it in and out (but it has to be assigned to you to check it out).

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