Safety Terms

Term Definition
Safety Awareness Moment Special safety notice presented to the technician while using Chateau Mobile.
Confined Space Use this to manage the tech’s handling of components known to be in a Confined Space.
Background Management This tracks the background and advises the technician how to respond in a high-background situation.
DTM Checklist

A safety checklist automatically presented to a technician with a DTM in a Tour.

Alarm Codes / Rally Points A feature to store safety information in Chateau Mobile and make it available to the technician.
Incident Response

Stores the site’s Incident Response plan in Chateau Mobile for easy access by the technician.

LUnit Safety Notice A special safety notice for a specific LUnit that will be presented to the technician before work begins in the LUnit each day.
Safety Equipment

To display safety equipment if it is specified for the components involved in the tour.

Simple Maintenance Checklist

A checklist to ensure the tech is competent and taking a safe approach before attempting to perform Simple Maintenance.

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