Time Zones

Chateau stores all dates and times in the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time zone in its database. These dates and times are then converted to the proper time zone when the user views the data in Chateau.

The time zone is set at the facility level in Chateau under Resources / LUnits. You can have multiple facilities in Resources / LUnits, each with their own time zone. All component events, inspections, and repair attempts on the components in each facility will be displayed in that facility’s time zone throughout Chateau.

However, some information in Chateau cannot be tied to a specific component, and thus to a facility to know what time zone to display, such as some Owner’s Porches, Open-Ended Lines – Not Tagged, and Chateau Mobile Sync Status. These grids will have an asterisk on the date column to show the date and time has been converted into the time zone of the browser.

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