DORClose on Valve without LowE Installed



Type (State, Event, or ClearingState)


Static Columns

  1. LUnit
  2. Tag
  3. Type
  4. Subtype
  5. Profile
  6. Isolatable

Live Columns

  1. Days Since Leak
  2. Last Inspection
  3. PPM
  4. AttemptDate1
  5. AttemptHow1
  6. AttemptDate2
  7. AttemptHow2
  8. AttemptDate3
  9. AttemptHow3
  10. IsDor

Trigger Criteria

  • Component is a Valve
  • Component was on DOR and the DOR has been closed
  • Neither LowE Equipment or LowE Packing was installed from the LeakOpen Date to the DOR Authorized Close date

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