5,000 PPM with No Advanced Attempt by Day 11



Type (State, Event, or ClearingState)


Static Columns

  1. LUnit
  2. Tag
  3. Type
  4. Subtype
  5. Profile
  6. Isolatable

Live Columns

  1. Days Since Leak
  2. Last Inspection
  3. PPM
  4. AttemptDate1
  5. AttemptHow1
  6. AttemptDate2
  7. AttemptHow2
  8. AttemptDate3
  9. AttemptHow3
  10. IsDor

Trigger Criteria

  • Component is a Valve, but not a Control Valve
  • Last inspection PPM is 5,000 or greater (this assumes that 5000 ppm will open a leak if there isn’t one already open)
  • There is no Drill and Tap or Secondary Seal Injection Repair Attempt by Day 11 after Leak Open Date

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