500 PPM to LowE 20-Day Alert





Static Columns (initial value that will not change once the porch fires)

  1. Alert Date
  2. Alert Status
  3. Comment
  4. LUnit
  5. Tag
  6. Type
  7. SubType
  8. Size
  9. Inspection Date
  10. PPM

Live Columns (will display the most current value in this field)

  1. Days Since
  2. Model Installed After
  3. Model Installed Date
  4. Packing Installed After
  5. Packing Installed Date

Trigger Criteria

  • Component is a Valve;
  • NOT a control valve;
  • Component had an inspection with 500 PPM, or more; and
  • Component has NOT had a LowE Model Valve OR LoweE Model Packing Installed After the Inspection Date.

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