License Information

On the Overview screen, license information is shown when clicking the Open button for a database. This information will be displayed in the following circumstances:

License Expiration Status

  1. Notification of Impending Expiration

    • When clicking the Open button, a prompt will appear starting 30 days before the license expiration date, informing you of the number of days remaining until the license expires.

    • Users will still have access to the database during this period.

  2. Expired License

    • Once the license has expired, the database name will be grayed out.

    • If the Open button is pressed, a prompt will appear stating the license has expired.

    • Users will be unable to access the database.

    • If a user is logged in to a database when the license expires, they will be signed out.



Component Count License Status

  1. Licensed Component Count Notification

    • Databases are licensed for a certain number of components.

    • When a database is within 100 components of its licensed component count, a prompt will appear notifying the user. The prompt will list the licensed component count and the current database component count, which includes all active and deactivated components.

    • Users will still have access to the database.

  2. Exceeding Licensed Component Count

    • Once the licensed component count is surpassed, a prompt will appear informing the user they have exceeded their licensed component count.

    • Users will still be able to access the database.



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