What is a Location Unit (LUnit)?

LUnit All components must be assigned to a LUnit. Essentially, it is this property that tells the technician where to find the component and get a safety permit to enter the LUnit.

In many cases, the LUnit will be the same as the Process Unit, but in other—important cases—the two properties may need to be tracked independently.

The LUnit is the basic level of organizing all the components in a database. It is possible all LUnits can be nested in a single plant within a single facility. Optionally, LUnits can be nested within a Plant, and Plants can be nested within a Facility.
Process Unit A property assignable to components for connecting rules and reports to unit-level groups that are not LUnits.

This is an optional field enabling you to sort, track, and manage components by Process Units, which may be different from LUnits. For example, a Vessel (in a Tank Farm) may be assigned to the LUnit named “Tank Farm” and ALSO assigned to the Process Unit named “Alky,” because that is where the material in the tank was produced.

This is typically done when you have a regulation requiring you track and report information on the Process Unit level. You may set Chateau so that Process Unit is either a required field, an optional field, or removed altogether.

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