Reported Leaks Did Not Appear on the Leak Grid

If a technician reports a leak while using Chateau Mobile, BUT the leak does not appear in the Chateau Leak Grid, this is likely what happened:

  1. The component type for this component did not have a Leak Definition defined for it in the Rules.

    When a tech inspects a component for which Chateau Mobile does not have a leak definition, it prompts the tech to respond as if it were a leak in which the inspection PPM is 500 ppm or more.

    However, without a leak definition, the database will not recognize this as a leak. If this is the case, contact to update your Rule.

  2. If the leak definition in the rules for this component type is larger than 500 ppm (e.g., 10,000 ppm for Agitators), and a new component of this type is added in Chateau Mobile.

    If the initial inspection has ppm >500, Chateau Mobile will treat it as a leak, but it will not appear on the Leak Grid in the database.

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