M21 Inspection Terms

Term Definition
Deflection PPM A deflection occurs when the PPM rises above the background PPM by a specific amount, such as 10, 15 or 20 PPM. This indicates a leak may be present. Once a deflection is detected, Chateau Mobile can be configured to mandate a longer monitoring time.
Dwell Time How many ADDITIONAL seconds the tech spends on a component AFTER the sample time is finished IF deflection is found.
Manually Entered Indicates an inspection entered manually rather than electronically captured via Bluetooth by a handheld PDA in the field.
M21 Seconds The total time in which a component was inspected, combining the Sample Time and any Dwell Time, if needed.
Sample Time Measures how long the component was sampled, not counting any additional time associated with a dwell time after a deflection was detected.
M21/AVO Why Why the inspections occurred. This either shows the frequency or special situation.

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