Special Component Grid Skills

  Skill Procedure
1. Display Tag details
  1. Select the Tag by clicking in the box or double-clicking on the Tag’s line.

  2. Select View Component.
2. Display Tag Details for Multiple Components
  1. Select multiple Components.

  2. Select View Components.
3. Edit a Component
  1. Select the Component.

  2. Select Edit Component.

Edit Multiple Components

  1. Select multiple Components.

  2. Select Multi-Edit Components.

  3. You can typically select over 6,000 components for Multi-Edit before it is overwhelmed. If the number of components you desire to edit is much larger than 6,000 it is better to filter them into smaller segments.
5. Search for Value in Location Description
  1. Create grid.

  2. Display the grid.

  3. In the Location Description column, select the hamburger menu.

  4. Select the funnel icon.

  5. Type the text in the search box.

  6. This will reveal each Tag with that text.

  7. To remove the filer, check the Select All box.
View More Than One Component Grid at the Same Time
You can view more than one Component grid at the same time by opening additional copies of Chateau in a different tab.

This will enable you to conveniently move from tab to tab for viewing additional versions of the Component grid.

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