Chateau Training

We provide SME training as a standard option for onboarding new customers, and on request for existing customers when new personnel training is needed.

SME stands for “Subject Matter Expert.” The goal of the SME training is to ensure you are familiarized with ALL aspects of Chateau operations, including, but not limited to:

  1. Maintaining component inventory

  2. Creating and assigning tours to technicians

  3. Organizing inspection records

  4. Responding to leaks, adding DORs, and shutdowns

  5. Generating reports

  6. Administering chemicals, streams, personnel, analyzer calibrations, and the facility structure in your database

  7. Managing the MOC process and QA/QC with audits and porches

  8. Customizing the database to simplify and streamline your workflow

  9. Searching for answers in the Knowledge Base

  10. What information should be provided to support in order to address certain situations


We charge a flat rate for a 2-day training session, and there is no limit to the number of trainees attending. We can also provide shorter training sessions, depending on your availability and prior knowledge of database management.

We also offer module-specific trainings for customers who recently started using a previously unfamiliar module in Chateau (such as OGI or SmartFlags), or wish to refresh their knowledge on certain Chateau topics.

The training sessions are usually held online over Teams meetings, but we can sometimes accommodate if you prefer other platforms.

If you have a new database with us, you can add the person you wish to add to the training in the Customization Protocol form.

For existing customers, please contact to request training sessions. Remember to include the modules you wish to cover and the email addresses of the trainees.

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