FixTag Purpose

FixTag is designed to facilitate database (MEL) reviews and updates when the goal is to refine and improve an existing database, rather than create a brand new tag inventory or new database.

Examples would include:

  1. Turnaround Response

  2. True-ups

  3. Database Remediation Projects

  4. Large or small MOC Projects

(SmartFlag is designed for use when creating a new database or a fresh tag inventory in an existing database.)

With FixTag, while working with an existing database and tag inventory you can efficiently do the following:

  1. Confirm the accuracy of existing data.

  2. Add new components.

  3. Remove components which have been DeActivated.

  4. Add SubTags (such as connectors).

  5. Either preserve the existing tag numbers or replace them with new tags.

  6. Identify and resolve Ghost Tags.

  7. Edit component properties or add additional properties.

  8. Improve Route Sequences.

  9. Efficiently reconcile existing tag numbers (and inspection history) to new components, where possible.

  10. Record component images or AVO or M21 inspections on specific components. (FixTag enables you to record these, but it is not designed to do it on all of the components or to do it conveniently.)

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