Managing Cylinders

Open Resources and select the Cylinders tab. This will allow you to view all cylinders currently in the database. From here, you have the capability to add new cylinders or edit the details of existing ones.

Adding a New Cylinder

  1. Click the Add button located near the top-left of the Resources screen under the Cylinders tab.

  2. In the form that appears, input the Serial Number, Certification Date, Expiration Date, Gas Type, Concentration, and Target PPM. Additionally, check the Calibration option if the cylinder will be used for daily calibrations and the Drift option for drifts. Both of these are checked by default for new cylinders created in Chateau Mobile.

    Note: Please note that cylinders with past expiration dates will not appear in Chateau Mobile.

  3. Add any necessary documentation.

  4. Click Save to add the new cylinder to your inventory.


Viewing Cylinder Details

  1. Click any cylinder in the list to view detailed information.

  2. A detailed view will display all the information related to the selected cylinder, including certification, expiration dates, and current status.


Showing Inactive Cylinders

Toggle the Show Inactive Cylinders box at the top of the cylinder list to display all inactive cylinders.


Editing an Existing Cylinder

  1. Select the cylinder you wish to edit in the cylinder list. This opens the side pane with the cylinder’s information.

  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button on the side pane.

  3. Update the necessary fields.

  4. Click Save to update the cylinder’s details.


Adding Documents to an Existing Cylinder

  1. Select the cylinder to which you wish to add a document. This opens the side pane with the cylinder’s information.

  2. In the side pane, click Edit.

  3. Click Add Document. Choose the document type, then browse and select the file to upload.

  4. The document will be uploaded and displayed in the ‘Documents’ grid where it can be managed.

    Note: ‘Document Types’ can be added or edited in the ‘Resource’ category under Settings/Picklists. Refer to Picklists for help on adding or editing.

  5. Click Save to attach the document to the cylinder.


Deactivating a Cylinder

Deactivate Button Method:

  1. Select the cylinder you wish to deactivate.

  2. Click the Deactivate button in the side panel.

  3. Confirm the deactivation in the prompt that appears.

    Note: Deactivated cylinders will not appear in the grid unless Show Inactive Cylinders is checked.


Reactivating a Cylinder

Reactivate Button Method:

  1. With Show Inactive Cylinders checked, select the deactivated cylinder.

  2. Click the Reactivate button in the side panel.

  3. Confirm the reactivation in the prompt.

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