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Cancel DTM Frequency

Select this when you have an elevated component requiring climbing or special equipment, but cannot be monitored annually because the LUnit or Process Unit is over a regulatory limit.

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Copy to Add An easy way to create a new component similar to another.


Note: Be sure to change the automatically-generated Tag number.

In this subtab you can upload documents associated with this individual component, including UTM and DTM plans, certification, DOR, engineering and LowE documents, and inspection and target images.
Available document types can be edited in Picklists. You will be asked to identify the type of the document if you attempt to add one. This enables us to do QC checks on this important transaction.
Equipment You can use this screen to track changes in equipment (such as replaced valves) at the current component site. Creating a new piece of equipment with a new install date will trigger initial monitoring and/or reset the MMQ phase for the component.


See MMQ and Equipment Sections for more information.

Exemption Fields Shows a list of all the potential Exemption Fields and indicates which one(s) might apply to a component.
Extra Seams Field used when having a single component with more than one emission seam which needs monitoring and emissions calculations calculated on it.
Facility Largest data layer for organizing component inventory. LUnits are nested in plants, and plants are nested in facilities.
Inspections Add new inspections, view and edit existing inspections in this subgrid.
Leaks Access leak history of the component. You can work on open leaks, re-open closed leaks, and view DOR information here.
MOC Porch This will display the complete MOC history for this component.
Plant Mid-level data layer. LUnits are nested in plants, and plants are nested in facilities.
Process Unit Property assigned to components for connecting rules and reports to unit-level groups which are not LUnits.
Profile Whether a component should be active in the database and is, or isn’t, available to be monitored.


You will be asked to provide a ChangeWhy reason each time you change the profile condition. Only one profile change in each effective date is allowed per component, and the effective date cannot be in the future. However, is it possible to backdate profile changes.

Rules Details current and past rules that are and/or have been applied to a component.
Tour Shows which Tour this component might be in, if applicable.

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