Scheduling Replacement in Kind (RIK)

If you have a Replacement in Kind (RIK) (you replaced the existing valve with a new valve at the same component site) and you want to reschedule this new valve (with the same tag number) you can:

  1. Select the component on the Component grid.

  2. View tag.

  3. Open the Equipment tab.

  4. Add equipment.

  5. You will need Installed Why to save the added equipment information. Additionally, a new model is required to reset the MMQ schedule or schedule the initial monitoring.

  6. Fill this in and input any other information you want to record.

  7. Select Run the Rules if you want this component rescheduled immediately.

    • Note: This will take some time. It will be done automatically the next morning.

  8. Select Save.

  9. If there are Initial or MMQ requirements on this component, those will be reset by Chateau.

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