Create a Seed Component and Put It in a Tour

  1. Create the LUnit in Resources / LUnit (link to “Creating a LUnit”).

  2. Confirm you have rules applied to the component you are creating.

  3. Confirm you have the right items in the component type picklist.

  4. Confirm all of your picklists for properties have been set up.

  5. Specify the component properties you want to document in Settings / Chateau Fields.

  6. Set up your streams.

  7. Create the first component in the component grid using Add Component from Scratch. This may be a sample component. You can input actual or correct values when you get to the field.

  8. Fill in the required fields and Save.

  9. Open that component on the grid.

  10. Select it.

  11. Add to a tour with just that component.

  12. Make sure the tech you want to assign the tour to is registered in Resources / People, and marked as a Suggester and (if preferred) an Approver.

  13. Go to Tours / Current Tours.

  14. Assign that tour to the tech.

  15. Go Settings / Chateau Mobile Fields to design which properties you want displayed in Chateau Mobile.

  16. Set Up Chateau Mobile for this database.

  17. Open Chateau Mobile and select the tech and check out this tour.

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