Installing Chateau Mobile: APK File

Download the Chateau Mobile APK file in the link below.

Note: The minimum Android version Chateau Mobile supports is 5.1+

  1. Connect your tablet to your PC/laptop with a USB cable.

  2. Copy/Paste the downloaded Chateau Mobile APK file into the tablet’s Downloads folder.

  3. Open the My Files app, click Device Storage and then Downloads.

  4. Tap the Chateau Mobile APK file to install.

  5. After install, launch the app and grant all permissions.

  6. On the Data Connections screen, enter your provided username and password for the Chateau Mobile connection.

  7. Enter a connection name of your choice. This is just a friendly name to help you in the event of multiple connections.

  8. Tap Test.

  9. Once you get a Success status, tap Save and you will be taken to the Home Screen.

  10. Tap Sync in the bottom-left portion of the screen.

  11. Tap the tech dropdown when the sync completes, refreshing to select a tech.

  12. Tap Check Out to check out the tech’s assigned tours.

 Chateau Mobile will not automatically update when an update is released. You will need to repeat the steps above to update the app at each release.

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