Using Chateau Mobile’s Location Description Builder

Note: If Chateau Mobile recognizes the existing Location Description as being in the required format, you will be able to edit specific items in the Location Description (such as changing 4 FT WEST to 6 FT WEST) just by editing that specific item.

But if the existing Location Description is NOT in the required format, triggering this feature will enable you to start from scratch and build a good Location Description.

Term Means Examples
Level Level the technician will be standing on to monitor the component. Ground = Standing on the Ground
Top = Standing on the top of the named REN
2 = Standing on the second level of a structure
Ground* = Can also mean a Scaffold or Ladder to other elevating apparatus is needed. This will be indicated by a higher number in the next Section: Feet from Boots.
Feet from Boots Component will be this many feet from the tech’s boots when the tech is at the proper level. 3 = Component is 3 feet above the tech’s boots
-2 = Component is 2 feet below the tech’s boots
8 = 8 feet above the tech’s boots
22 = 22 feet above the tech’s boots — means an elevating apparatus should be shown in the DTMHow field.
REN Relational Where the component is in relation to the nearest primary piece of equipment (REN). If the component is within 3 feet of the REN, tap on the SIDE button and then identify the direction. STOP.

You can turn the SIDE feature on and off by tapping on it.

If the component is more than 3 feet from the REN, either build the distance by tapping the 1 and 5 to get to the number, or tap in the empty box and type in the number.
REN Reference Equipment Number. This is a major piece of equipment the tech will use to locate the component. You can select the REN three ways:

1. Use the Quick Pick. This will display the last three RENs used.

2. Tap in the filter and type in any portion of a known REN. This will filter and help you find the REN you are looking for.

3. Tap in Select. This will open the entire list of RENs. (The Filter option is quicker!)

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