Other Chateau Mobile Tasks

Make the keyboard disappear Done
Respond to Lost GPS signal If you lose GPS signal during monitoring, Chateau Mobile will prompt you about your choices. You can enter a set of coordinates, use the last known coordinates, or cancel the inspection record.
Report a safety issue Click Report Issue on the Safety Awareness Prompt (if enabled in Chateau). You can also use the Report Safety Issue option in the Task menu.
Re-monitor a previous leak 1. Select the appropriate inspection type tab (M21 or AVO).

2. Already Inspected will be in parenthesis.

3. Tap Monitor.

4. Select Inspection Why = Retest

5. Monitoring starts.
Delete an Inspection 1. Tap the History tab.

2. Select the inspection to be deleted.

3. Click Delete Inspection at the bottom.

4. In the Are you sure? dialogue box, enter a comment, if needed.

5. Tap OK.
Recording an attempt done by someone else at a different time 1. Select the three dot action menu.

2. Select Attempt Repair.

3. The Attempt Checklist will appear (if enabled). If answered correctly, the technician can proceed.

4. The Attempt Repair screen will appear with the Who and When fields populated with the current tech and time.

5. Tap the tech name to open the keyboard and change to the desired tech.

6. Tap the date to open a calendar selection screen and change to desired date.

7. Tap the time to open hour and minute selection screen and change to the desired time.

8. Tap AM or PM to change.

9. Select Attempt How.

10. Tap Save or Save and Retest. Save will be grayed out if Require Attempt with Repair is enabled in Chateau Settings.
Respond to finding a ghost tag 1. Select the three dot action menu.

2. Select Search UnToured Tags.

3. Enter the tag number.

4. The list will populate as text is entered.

5. Select the tag from the list.

6. Perform the inspection.
To Check In your work at the end of the day 1. From the tag screen, tap the back arrow at the top-left of screen.

2. Tap on the menu icon. 3. Tap Sync at the bottom.

4. Tap Check In at the bottom.

5. If the No Technician Signoffs dialogue box appears, Tap Ok, let me take care of that.

6. Use stylus or finger to sign above the line.

7. Click Confirm.
Respond to the Uncalibrated Analyzer Prompt Choose Yes or No. If you are not sure, contact your supervisor.
Respond to “Analyzer Not Shown in Chateau” Prompt Tap OK and continue.
Ignite a phx42 Once the unit is stabilized, the Ignite button will be available.

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