Troubleshooting Network Connections

  1. Open Menu.

  2. Tap Test Connection.

  3. Does the test pass or fail?

If it FAILS the connection test:

  1. Open Menu.

  2. Tap Manage Networks.

  3. Tap OK.

  4. Tap Search.

  5. Select the network name your system is connected to and select Disconnect.

  6. Select the network name again.

  7. Tap Connect, enter the password, and select OK.

  8. Tap Test Connection.

  9. Once successful, select Done.

  10. If the connection test fails and the network name is LDARtools, please inform LDARtools Support. If the connection test fails and the SpanBox is connected to a plant’s Wi-Fi, please inform the plant’s IT and LDARtools Support.

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