Using Extension Probes with SpanBox5

Note: User must be at a manager level to change Cal 5.0/SB5 settings.

  1. Log into the Customer Portal and choose Unit Settings on the Welcome dashboard.

  2. Locate your SpanBox5 serial number and open the record using the Edit icon.

  3. Locate and select the Multi Products tab, then Extension Probe.

  4. Choose Extension under the Probe Type dropdown.

  5. Enter the extension probe length from the probe tip to phx adapter.

  6. Select Save.

  7. On the Cal5.0 Main Menu, select Settings and ensure you receive a “Success” popup. The SpanBox5 is now set for Extension Probe Calibration/Drifts.

You may change the SpanBox5 back at any time, repeating these steps and returning to standard probes. Always remember that for any changes made, Settings must be selected on the SpanBox5 Main Menu with the user receiving a “Success” popup for the changes to be implemented on the SpanBox5.

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