Setting Up a New Head Unit

  1. Export all Cal records you need from the current head unit using either of the methods provided in the Records Management section.

  2. Remove and replace the current head unit with the new head unit, then power it on.

  3. Connect the SpanBox and power cables to the new head unit. If you have any issues connecting the head unit to the SpanBox, please see Cal5.0 Not Connected to the SpanBox Base.

  4. Connect the new head unit to the Wi-Fi by following the steps provided in Manage Wireless Network.

  5. Tap Settings, and after getting the Settings successfully updated prompt, verify the site ID and SpanBox serial number are correct. Tap Set Time and set the date, time, and time zone, if needed.

  6. Add your cylinders and technicians as described in the Manage Cylinders and Manage Technicians sections of the Cal5.0 Manual.

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