Manage Cylinders

Note: You must calibrate and drift with the same cylinder. Do NOT replace cylinders between calibration and drift.

  1. Add a Cylinder:

    a. Tap the Menu button.

    b. Tap Manage Cylinders.

    c. Tap Add Cylinder and a new cylinder record will be added.

    d. Fill in the fields:

    1. Expiration date – The day the certification on the cylinder will expire.

    2. Certification day – The day your cylinder was certified.

    3. Actual PPM – The actual PPM of the cylinder.

    4. Target PPM – The target PPM or the Leak Definition associated with this cylinder.

    5. Cylinder S/N – The ID you want to use to refer to this cylinder.

    e. Check the boxes that apply:

    1. Calibration – this cylinder will be used for Daily and Precision Calibration.

    2. Drift – this cylinder will be used for all drifts.

    f. Continue adding cylinders until finished.

    • Cal5.0 will automatically assign the ports from least to greatest based on Target Concentrations. Verify each cylinder’s port number corresponds to the port number its gas line is connected to in the back.

      The Assigned Port number is in the top-left corner of every cylinder record.

    g. Tap Done when finished.

  2. Deleting a Cylinder

    a. Tap the Delete button next to the cylinder.

  3. Temporarily Removing a Cylinder

    a. Uncheck the Calibration and Drift checkboxes.

    b. Tap Done.

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