Calibrating SpanBox5 Analyzers

Note: The user must be a Manager level to change Cal 5.0/SpanBox5 settings.

  1. Log into the Customer Portal.

  2. On your Welcome dashboard, choose Unit Settings.

  3. Locate your SpanBox5 serial number and open the record using Edit.

  4. On the SpanBox tab, locate the Analyzers Being Calibrated dropdown.

  5. Choose what the SpanBox will calibrate.

  6. Once completed, log out of the Customer Portal.

  7. On the SpanBox screen, tap Settings.

  8. Wait for the “Success” popup to appear for the changes to take effect.

    • Any SpanBox changes made in the Customer Portal, must be followed by tapping Settings on the SpanBox BEFORE the new Settings take effect.

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