No phx Mapped to Port

  1. Check the gas lines and verify all gases going from left to right (when facing the back of the SpanBox5) are arranged in order of least to greatest concentration.

    Reminder: SpanBox5 uses the highest span gas (greatest concentration) to determine the phx42 port assignment.

  2. Contact Support if you do not use 10k ppm gas.

  3. Verify the gases selected in the Manage Cylinders screen are the ones connected to the SpanBox5:

    1. Open the Manage Cylinders screen. The port number is in the top-left corner of every cylinder.

    2. Verify each cylinder’s port number corresponds to the port number its gas line connects to in the back.

  4. If these are correct and the problem persists, submit a software support ticket and attach the Cal5.0 logs.

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