Can’t Get Unit / Product Settings from Customer Portal or Database Cache

Two things are happening:

  • The phx42 is not being calibrated on its assigned SpanBox5.

  • The SpanBox5 can’t communicate with the LDARtools Customer Portal to download settings.

  1. Check if the SpanBox5 can grab settings from the Support Portal:

    1. Tap Menu.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3. Wait, then do either:

      • If a successful prompt appears, tap OK. Try calibrating again, there may have been a temporary loss of network connection.

      • If you do not get a successful prompt, then proceed to next step.

  2. Verify the SpanBox5 is connected to a wireless network:

    1. First, follow the Manage Wireless Network procedure. Once the wireless network is selected and a Disconnect button appears, the network is connected.

    2. Tap Test Connection to verify the connection is good.

    3. Do either:

      • If successful, navigate to the Home screen, then start Daily Calibration.

      • If unsuccessful, submit a software support ticket and be sure to attach the Cal5.0 logs.

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