Cal5.0 Not Connected to the SpanBox Base

  1. Verify the green light is illuminated on the power adapter of SpanBox base.

  2. Verify the power cord is plugged into the SpanBox base.

  3. Disconnect and reconnect the power cord into the SpanBox base.

  4. Verify the USB cable is plugged into the correct USB port on the SpanBox tablet.

    • This is mainly for Chuwi tablets because they have two USB-C ports (one for power, one for data). The SpanBox USB needs to be connected to the lowest USB-C port (assuming the serial number SBHU is right-side up).

  5. Unplug the USB cable from the SpanBox base and tablet.

  6. Reconnect the USB cable to the tablet and SpanBox base.

  7. Tap Manual Box Control, if the manual box loads, then toggle on a phx port and listen for a click. If there is no clicking sound, continue to the next step. If the solenoids click, the SpanBox is ready for DailyCal.

    • Note: A “Connection Error” may still be present on the Home screen.

  8. If an error appears when tapping Manual Box Control, continue to the next step.

  9. Restart Cal5.0 by tapping Restart on the Menu.

  10. After the restart completes, repeat step 7.

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