Special Profile Picklist

  1. You have the first Master list of all Profile Change Why reasons.

  2. You also have six sub lists:

    a. Active Why

    b. DeActivated Why

    c. ReActivated Why

    d. Temporarily Unavailable in Service Why

    e. Temporarily Unavailable Purged Why

    f. NonCovered Why (you can use this to include components that you want to keep track of- but are not covered by any rule or regulation).

  3. Review each existing Profile Picklist to confirm the Whys you will need are present. If there are any Whys in any Picklists you will not need, HIDE them.

  4. ID any ADDITIONAL reasons you might want to have.

  5. Add the additional items to the MasterProfileChange list, as you would with any other Picklist.

  6. Now, you can add these additional items to the sub list.

    a. ID the Picklist to which you want to add an item.

    b. Drop down the available list.

    c. Select the new item.

    d. Click on the blue +.

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